Daniel Bermudez, Universidad de Los Andes alumnus (1967-1973), received his degree in architecture. Starting in 1975 he became a faculty member, teaching at the Department of Architecture and Design, where he was in charge of several design workshops. During his tenure at this institution, he became actively involved in the discussion and decision-making of important matters. A highlight of this period was to lead the team of professors than set in motion the curricular reform of the department’s academic program during 1995 and 1996.

He is a member of the Architecture, City and Education (ACE) research team and part of the faculty team in charge of the thesis projects until 2011.

Fall 1980: Architectural Design Workshop #5 (co-directed with R. Maldonado).

Fall 1984 / Spring 1985: Housing Design Workshop.

Fall 1985: Complementary Services Workshop (co-directed with W. Drews).

Fall 1986: Architectural Design Workshop #6 (co-directed with E. Jimenez).

Spring – Fall 1989 / Spring 1990: Architectural Designs for housing and multiple uses.

Fall 1991: Architectural Design Workshop #6 (co-directed with C. Binkele, C. Pacheco, E. Jimenez).

Spring 1992: Architectural Design Workshop #6 (co-directed with A. Amador, C. Binkele, E. Jimenez).

Fall 1992: Architectural Design Workshop #6 (co-directed with F. Amaya, L. Restrepo).

Spring 1993: Architectural Design Workshop #6 (co-directed with D. Bonilla, E. Jimenez, J.I. Munoz).

Fall 1993: Projects for extensive empty zones amid Bogota’s urban grid.

Spring – Fall 1994 / Fall 1995 / Spring 1996: Urban Design Workshop.

Spring 1998: Thesis Project (co-directed with F. Amaya, R. Daza, J. I. Rengifo).

Fall 1998: Thesis Project (co-directed with F. Arias, F. Restrepo).

Fall 1999 / Spring 2000: Thesis Project.

Fall 2000 / Spring 2001: Thesis Project (co-directed with A. Cavanzo, J. I. Rengifo).

Fall 2001 / Spring 2002: Thesis Project (co-directed with C. Avellaneda, A.Cavanzo).

Fall 2002 / Spring 2003: Thesis Project (co-directed with C. Avellaneda, M. Jane I Mas).

Fall 2004 / Spring 2005: Thesis Project (co-directed with C. Avellaneda, J. I. Rengifo).

Fall 2007 / Spring 2008: Thesis Project (co-directed with R. Villazon).

Fall 2008: Thesis Project (co-directed with C. Mejia).

Spring 2009/Fall 2010: Thesis Project (co-directed with D. Ruiz).

Spring 2011/Fall 2011: Thesis Project.

Fall 2012/Present: Advanced Unit (Thesis Project).

1985: GUEST PROFESSOR summer course in Urban Design. Pratt Institute, New York, NY. USA.

1975 – Present: Architecture and Urban Design PROFESSOR. Department of Architecture, Universidad de los Andes. Bogotá.

2013: PROFESSOR Emeritus of the Universidad de los Andes. Bogotá.


1987: “The Ciudad Salitre Project”, held at Camacol’s (Camara Colombiana de Construccion – Colombian Chamber of Construction) National Assembly in the city of Girardot.

1988: “The Ciudad Salitre Project”, Camacol’s National Assembly, in Manizales.

1992: XII and XIII Biennial Exhibition of Colombian Architecture, by the Colombian Society of Architects, and the Museum of Modern Art, in Medellin.

1992: XIII Biennial Exhibition of Colombian Architecture, by the Colombian Society of Architects, and the Museum of Modern Art, in Bogota.

1994: “A window into experience”, Colombian Society of Architects, in Bogota.

1997: “Four Questions”, Department of Architecture, Universidad de Los Andes, Bogota.

1999: “Spin-off Lecture to the main exhibit at the XIX Biennial Exhibition of Colombian Architecture”, Bogota.

2000: “To Build the City, a Task for Architects and Engineers”. Asocreto (Colombian Association of Concrete Manufacturers), Cartagena.

2001: “To Build the City, a Task for Architects and EnginCers”. Spin-off discussion to the main lecture. Colombian society of Architects, Cauca Chapter.

2001: “Lecture within the Second Technological Day” organized by the Department of Engneering and Architecture. Universidad Colegio mayor de Cundinamarca, Bogota.

2001: Lecture Series within the Construction Trade Show organized for the “Concrete Hall”, by Asocreto (Colombian Association of Concrete Manufacturers). Bogota.

2002: “Lecture at Roger Williams University. Providence, Rhode Island, USA. March 2002.

2002: “Lecture about El Tintal Public library”. Asocreto (Colombian Association of Concrete Manufacturers). Cartagena, September 2002.

2002: “Lecture within the Colombian Architecture Week in Mexico”. Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico. Mexico, D. F. November 2002.

2002: “Lecture within the Biennial Exhibition of Ecuadorian Architecture”. Quito, Ecuador. November 2002.

2003: “Lecture within the Construction Trade Show”. Bogota, May 2003.

2003: “Bogota and its Public Library Grid” Lecture. Guadalajara, Mexico. October 2003.

2004: “Lecture about the Library Building and Auditorium, Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano”. Asocreto (Colombian Association of Concrete Manufacturers). Cartagena, September 2004.

2004: “Lecture about Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano’s Library Building and Auditorium, and Unversidad de Los Andes’ B-Building”. Colombian Society of Architects. Bogota, September 2004.

2005: “Lecture on Graphic Standards”. Colombian Society of Architects. Bogotá, March 2005.

2007: “The Bogota Case” Lecture, within the public forum: “Barcelona and Bogota: Cities for the People”. Bogotá, Chamber of Commerce. June 2007.

2007: Lecture as part of the exhibit “Bogota: The Proud Revival of  a City” at the ARCAM Amsterdam center for Architecture. Amsterdam, Holland. November 2007.

2008: Technical Lectures: “The W Building at the Universidad de Los Andes”. Bogota.

2009: Lecture “Last Decade Projects”. SCANY. New York, June 2009.

2010: Lecture about “Centro Cultural Biblioteca Pública Julio Mario Santo Domingo” at the 2010 Concrete Meeting. Asocreto. Cartagena, September 2010.

2010: Lecture within the “III Latin-American Architecture Marathon: poetics and constructive tradition”. PERU & COLOMBIA. Lima, Perú, November, 2010.

2010: Lecture “Recent works. Biblioteca Julio Mario Santo Domingo”. 2° Vanguard Architecture International Encounter 2010”. Bogotá, November 2010.

2011: VII Obras Cemex Award Colombia, Institutional/Industrial category. Project: Cultural Center an Public Library Julio Mario Santo Domingo. Bogotá, Colombia.

2012: Lecture within the XXIV Latin-American conference of schools and faculties of architecture “Architecture and Urbanism in Latin America: Emerging tendencies”. San José, Costa Rica. April of 2012.

2012: Lecture within the IX International Seminar of Architecture “America: Crossing civilizations”. Universidad Piloto de Colombia. Bogotá, August 2012.

2013: Lecture within the XV Latin-American Architecture Seminar organized by the Rogelio Salmona Foundation. Bogotá, September 2013.

2013: Lecture “Universidad de los Andes: Campus development – Master Plan” within the Universities and Territory International Colloquium organized by the Universidad de los Andes. Bogotá, October 2013.

2013: Lecture within the Pechakucha Night: “20 images x 20 seconds”. Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano. Bogotá, November 2013.

2014: Lecture within the First Networking Convention "Architecture-City" organized by ICEX España Exportación e Inversiones and the Universidad Javeriana. Bogotá, March 2014.

2014: Lecture within the XXIV Colombian Biennial of Architecture organized by Colombian Society of Architects. Bucaramanga, September 2014.

2014: Lecture within the event “Salón de Octubre” organized by the Architecture Faculty of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia - Medellín city campus. Medellín, October 2014.

2015: Lecture “5 projects – 5 principles” in the Universidad San Francisco de Quito organized by the Architecture and Interior Design School of the USFQ. Quito, Ecuador. March 2015.

2015: Lecture “Important Urban Projects: Ciudad Salitre, CAM, International Convention Center and Fenicia” within the XXXIV Colombian Architectural Congress organized by the Colombia Society of Architects. Bogotá, September 2015.